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Thinking of capturing the ultimate family photo or capturing once in a lifetime memories at your wedding? You can now hire our services to cover your outdoor and indoor events. Utilizing a variety of different drones to fit all your needs our cameras offer high end quality while utilizing special propeller blades, making us as quiet as possible. Certified by Transport Canada we can even cover an entire event to create HD videos and time-lapses from up to 400 feet; providing you and your guests with an exciting new perspective. If you are organizing an event don’t hesitate to hire our services and get a spectacular view of all the action. We at AviaEye can either work with your photographer, or you can leave it to us and we will use our extensive experience in portrait and commercial photography to capture your special day in a way like you have never see it before. Looking back you will be pleasantly surprised to view the smiles of your family and friends as these aerial images and videos are totally different from what you get through conventional photography. Click HERE for our rates
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