films & commercials
With extensive knowledge in UAV operations the AviaEye team has been delivering high end videos to various directors, DOP’s and production companies in the Greater Vancouver area and Canada for the last four years. Certified by Transport Canada to operate anywhere within Canada as well as a proud members of the International Cinematographers Guild IATSE 669 the AviaEye team is here to serve all your in a fraction of the time. Our UAV systems deliver the highest quality video imagery for every situation; from working in the remote arctic to delivering highly technical interior shots the AviaEye team has the vision and experience to meet all your needs. Our camera systems bring unmatched stability and compatibility, different UAV systems also offer different possibilities and hookups for multi screen use while shooting on different sets. To our clients looking to develop jaw dropping commercials we also offer an exclusive service unmatched by any other UAV or marketing company. Bring us an idea for a commercial, advertisement or promotional video and we will design, plan, and execute it for you; utilizing groundbreaking technology both from the air and the ground for maximum effect. With over 40 years experience in commercial filming and design Martin Sr has helped bring the ideas of companies like UPS, McDonald’s, Levi’s, Mercedes-Benz, Ford and many others to life. Put your trust in the AviaEye team and get ahead of the game with unrepresented videos.
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