in person training
For students wishing to expand their flying knowledge and learn first hand what it takes to fly a drone safely and legally in Canada we are pleased to offer a service which is unique in our industry and to the lower mainland. Our in person training will help you better grasp the logistics that go into pre-flight planning as well as the technical aspects of flight. This course is perfect for those who have just purchased their first drone as well as those looking into upgrading their skills and knowledge for a more professional flying career. Please budget 1-2 hours for all in-person training courses. Adult training courses will be held @ 10:00am PST and are limited to 2 students Catered specifically for beginner and intermediate drone pilots this course will cover: Sit down breakdown of your site survey, airspace, and safety Familiarization of your drones capabilities and functions A review and in person lesson of your flying capabilities Saturday: Sunday: Kids training courses will be are held @ 12:00pm PST and are limited to 3 students Aimed specifically at getting your kids more familiar with their new toy and hobby this course is designed to expand your kids drone knowledge and safety. Ideal for kids 10+ this course will cover the basics of flight, the safety measures which they should learn to practice and of course the fun of actually being able to fly their drones in a safe and controlled environment with expert pilots. Saturday: Sunday: For one on one training information or custom workshops please contact us
$250/per person Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability
$150/per person
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