martin gregus
The president and founder of PhotoFabrica and the One 50 Canada Society; Martin has over 40 years of experience in professional photography, design, advertising and publishing. With a master’s degree in fine art and documentary photography from the famous Prague Film Academy - FAMU, Martin has dedicated his recent works to the creation of photography books and documentary projects which focus on capturing our lives from a perspective never seen before. Over his extensive career Martin has spent much of his life working either with his camera in the studio with various well known individuals, movie stars, presidents, prime ministers or just beautiful people; shooting commercial, fashion, architecture and documentary projects; or by his mac planning and executing campaigns and commercials for companies like McDonald’s, Levi’s, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, SAP, UPS and many others. Martin has also worked as the creative director and photographer for advertising agencies MARK/BBDO and GRADE/TBWA. A certified RPAS operator and member of the International Cinematographers Guild IATSE 669 Martin along with his son have been flying together for over ten years. For a full Resume and list of qualification please email us by clicking HERE
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