commercial & residential real estate
Real Estate is one field where aerial photography and cinematography services provided a whole new level of imagination to you and your customers. With our high altitude licensing you no longer require satellite images to show off the size and features of the property; our images and videos will do that for you. Giving you and your clients a chance to see the property in a whole new perspective. If you are planning to list your property don't forget to hire our services to add stunning indoor and outdoor aerial images and videos to your listing. You can also ask for a voice over in the videos to describe the attractive features of your property to make it more alluring for a prospective buyer. For developers of high rise building we also offer the unique feature of having our UAV’s fly up to the desired height based on your floor plans to fully immense potential buyers into the view they will see from their window. These images often cost lots of money and time as they can only by made by cranes, but with our extensive experience and high image formatting you can now see what the view would be from your 30th floor suite. Our images can also be fully editable and digitally altered to include the future structure for projects that have yet to be built.
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