With over five years experience on various UAV systems AviaEye has been providing clients with a top level experience for all their cinematic needs since 2013. Unlike other companies we combine our experience in aerial filmmaking with that of our extensive experience on the ground to deliver the highest quality services. From the needs of large productions to those of various companies, tourism agencies, and projects big and small; our team has the licenses, expertise and vision to provide services unlike anyone else in the field. Over the years we have collected over 2000 hours flying in some of the most remote environments of our planet as well as in some of the busiest. We aim to give you the freedom of imagination both in the air and on the ground. Creating videos which combine the use of UAV technology with that of DSLR time-lapses and videos for maximum effect; AviaEye is currently working on the development of promotional videos for One 50 Canada Society, Canadian Geographic, Nunavut Tourism, BC Parks and many others across Canada and internationally. Browse through the links on this page to find out where we are the right fit for you. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us at anytime to discuss your next project.
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