survey & mapping
The use of various drone systems for the purpose of industrial surveying and mapping is fast becoming the most widely-used commercial RPAS application area. Unmanned aerial vehicles have proved to be efficient in environmental assessments, construction, architecture, and industry to carry out risky site surveys for consultants, planners and administrators. These flying vehicles have greatly improved safety while lowering the cost of operations in every industry where they are being used. Our drones can complete inspection of a large site in a fraction of the time. Saving time is not the only benefit to surveyors, our drones also obliterate the need to expose workers to carry out inspection in a dangerous atmosphere as our drones can access spots that can be deemed inaccessible for human beings. Fitted with high end cameras our RPA systems also offer large format images capable of capturing stunning aerials for your presentations. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) Capable of utilizing this technology both from the air (RPA, helicopters) as well as from the ground (hand-held, backpack, car mount) Lidar is a ground breaker for companies and productions wishing to 3D scan, survey, and map any location imaginable. For more information on this technology click HERE Contact us anytime to discuss a safe and creative solutions to improve efficiency and accuracy on your project Click HERE for our rates
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