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Copyright @ 2024 Martin Gregus, AviaEye. All rights reserved. Designed by LEBO advertising "AviaEye" word mark and "AviaEye" logo are trademarks of Martin Gregus If you are a producer, director, a DOP or simply an individual looking to expand your knowledge then this course is the perfect for you. Built along side a course we helped create for IATSE 669 and the Directors Guild of Canada our webinars are condensed from our 8 hour in class workshop to this 1 1/2 hour interactive online presentation. Featuring slides, demos and the logistic and safety requirement of hiring a drone crew these workshops will teach you everything you need to know about drones and the logistics of having them work on your film set. Once ready please click the "Add to Cart" button and get redirected to the payment page via Paypal. Once we have received a proof of purchase we will send you an email to confirm with you the date, time, and send you the appropriate webinar link via Demio. Drones on a film set webinar (all dates are held @ 2:00pm PST and are limited to 30 guests) Catered specifically for the producers and the creative minds working in the film & TV industry this 1 1/2 hour webinar will focus on: Drones in Film (shot design, creative & interactive piece) New opportunities - Drones during Covid-19 (using drones as a solution to social distancing) Drone Safety (airspace, set safety, licensing) Saturday: Saturday: Online training webinar (all dates are held @ 5:00pm PST and are limited to 20 guests) For our clients wishing to get a better understanding of RPAS rules and regulations we provide a special course in compliance with the Transport Canada document: TP 15263. This webianar focuses on the topics highlighted in our Ground School Course and flight review prep course and should be suited to better prepare the participants for a safe drone career. Saturday: Saturday: For one on one training information please click HERE
$100/per person Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability Get in touch with us for our 2024 availability
$150/per person